University of Surrey - £3m of UKRI Investment in Blockchain Technology

The University of Surrey is at the forefront of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), with a research portfolio of over £3m in UKRI/EPSRC Digital Economy funded projects undertaking cross-disciplinary research that is transforming domains as diverse as digital records, healthcare, electronic voting, trust and identity.

ARCHANGEL - Trusted Archives of Digital Public Records

Archives are the lens through which future generations will see the events of today. Working with The National Archives and Tim Berners-Lee's Open Data Institute (ODI), Surrey are using Blockchain technologies to help safeguard the integrity and future sustainability of our digital public archives.

ARCHANGEL will deliver long-term sustainability of digital archives through new transformational DLT solutions that will ensure both accessibility and integrity of digital archives - whilst maximizing their impact through novel models for commodification and open access.

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CoMEHeRe - Co-operative Models for Evidence-based Healthcare Redistribution

CoMEHeRe is working with Biobeats to transform personal healthcare through the design, development and evaluation of novel technologies and business models for commodifying and brokering casually captured personal healthcare data (e.g. from wearable biosensors and the IoT) to state and private healthcare providers. Novel decentralised ledger technology (DLT) solutions will be developed to incentivise collection and enable secure brokering of large volumes of longitudinal biometric healthcare data, optimising preventative healthcare, helping to achieve a more efficient healthcare system, and contributing to a healthier nation.

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SwiftAid - Automating Gift Aid on Card Donations

SwiftAid will use Blockchain technology to automate and enhance the privacy of GiftAid donations. With Swiftaid, a donor will sign up, register their card and authorise Swiftaid to generate the Gift Aid declaration on their behalf. All gifts then made by that card, Gift Aid will be automatically attached. The donor would remain in control, allowing them to manage and view all donations while staying anonymous to the charity.

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TAPESTRY - Trust, Authentication and Privacy over a De-Centralised Social Registry

TAPESTRY is de-risking the Digital Economy through new tools to enable people, businesses and services to connect safely online. TAPESTRY uses Blockchain to determine the provenance of a digital identity, to help users make better decisions on who they can trust online.

TAPESTRY will revolutionise the way we interact online, allowing people, businesses and services to prove their identity and reputation to one another using their DP; the complex, inter-woven digital trails amassed through their life-long interactions with social media and the IoT. The success of this project will lead to completely new ways of determining or engendering trust online.

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VOLT - Trusted and Transparent Voting Systems

VOLT aims to explore applications of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in domains involving voting and collective decision making. There are many domains in which some form of balloting is required, such as voting on proposals or electing in charities, professional organisations, clubs, trades unions, political parties, and private companies. It is important to run such ballots in a way that the result is accepted by all parties even where they do not trust each other.

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